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noun (art-let).  Translation: little art

These cards evolved from a need for making thoughtful, hand crafted cards for friends and family; that were budget friendly and unique.

I began selling these in 2016 and they are such a joy to make.  The designs are all designed/created by me, with the size at roughly 1 1/2″  x 2 3/8″ 2 1/2″ (roughly the size of a double-folded dollar bill), printed on 90 lb water color paper.

Each Artlette includes an envelope, hand crafted from butcher paper.  Sleeves are available (blank or with greeting) for either display or with greeting.  The sleeves are printed on 65 lb butcher-style paper and the envelopes are hand made on 24 lb butcher paper

Custom Orders and Large Format Options are now available!

See below for the various offerings:

The Various Options Available: