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Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel in Boulder, CO

Peck Rendering Main.jpg

Project Description

Project Type: Kitchen Remodel

Location: Boulder, CO

Project Size: +/- 222 SF

Design Team

Architect: J Creative

Interior Design / Project Lead: 3zero3


Blue Spruce Construction


Drawings and Renderings by J Creative

Design Narrative

This project was a typical Kitchen Remodel Project in Boulder.  Led by 3zero3 as an Interior Design focused project, with J Creative providing Architectural Drawings and support in addition to Permit Submittal.

The goal of the project was to convert a semi-enclosed U-Shaped Kitchen into a compact kitchen with an Island, giving more connection to the Family and Dining Rooms.  The bay window area was converted to a bench-style seating to provide a breakfast nook.


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