re-Ligare Institute

Comprehensive Studio

Third Place: Comprehensive Studio Competition, SPSU

Submission into ACSA/AISC Design Competition

A contemporary day spa of meditation, the re-Ligare Institute project (a competition of the ACSA and AISC) challenged a reconnection of the mind, body, spirit, and social. With a program that resembles that of a day spa combined with meditation and social spaces, my focus became an attempt to utilize the program in providing users with a sense of control. This became my re-interpretation of the meditation process: helping to rehabilitate one’s own sense of control in life. Following this logic that one’s own control fosters meditaiton, I designed the institute in a way that encourages an interaction and engagement. Spaces are transformable. Curtains can be adjusted. Doors can be opened. Senses can be unlocked.

With the site located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, adjacent to the High Museum of Art campus and neighborhoods, and a block away from the MARTA transit station, it lies near the epicenter of urban life. What the building offers is a dynamic language to this urban space: a diagram of structural steel frame with a program nestled within which is playfully intuitive. This provides a sense of flexibility to the rigid box of office towers nearby where workers endure cubicle landscapes. Supported and within the structural frame, the landscape navigates itself throughout the building, a gesture that extends the public social space from the sidewalk to deep within the building. Program is then collaborated to the artificial landscape, the foundation being the performance hall which acts as the center for the institute, allowing the social activity to become the nexus of the design. Elements of the spa are placed at the basement level, basked in daylight from the garden above, while the program of the institute tactfually interacts with the social, music, and silent gardens.