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Brighton Prairie House

8,300 SF New Single Family Residence in Brighton, CO

Design Narrative:

This is a Proposed New Construction Residence on an 83,630 SF Lot in Adams County, CO.  Located on a vacant lot within a neighborhood on the Plains of Adams County and zoned for Agricultural, this project faced limited restrictions.

The Structure is centrally located on the lot following a favored single-story floor plan which has been expanded to contain the additional program.  The Residence is a 2 1/2 Story, wood framed structure with expansive Main Floor and a Garden-Level Style Basement.  There are various Loft and Upper Floor Spaces - which along with the Dormers help to punctuate the roof line.   

In total, this Residence contains 8 Bedrooms, 6 1/2 Baths, multiple Living Areas, Exercise Room, Theater, and multiple Attached Garages.With multiple Attached Garages and his home has multiple attached garages.  The house has a centrally located Great Room which opens onto a Covered Patio.  Dormers help to punctuate the roofline whic helps define the main form of the house.  Multiple Covered Patios and Porches help to define the outdoor spaces and add the overall character of the Home. 

The house could be considered a modified Prairie Style with a balance of natural limestone, stucco, and wood stained structural members.  The use of less materials helps the home to read more cohesively, despite it's massive size and complexity of the forms. 

Project Description:

Project Type: New Construction

Location: Adams County, CO

Project Size: 8,367 SF (Finished)

Design Team

Architect: J Creative

Interior Designer: By Others


BNS Construction


Drawings, Renderings, and Visualizations by J Creative




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