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Consulting /

We can also provide Consulting Services tailored to a specific goal, even if it doesn't involve Design, such as:

  • Provide Research and Feasibility Analysis to provide you with a clear vision of what is possible for your Home or Property. 

  • Submittal and Complete Planning Reviews for your Project by outlining the steps, preparing the deliverables, and submittal for success!

  • How to navigate and complete unique Administration and Zoning Reviews, such as Lot Line Adjustments and ADU Approval.

As Built Image - 5654 Prince_edited.jpg
Documentation / As Builts

Preparing Floor Plans of an existing building to provide backgrounds for other Permit Submittals (by Others).

  • Providing an As-Built Study of your home, whether it's Floor Plans for real estate or a full 3D Model for records and design work (by Others).

  • Re-writing/Converting existing drawings or sketches to a digital format (whether it's CAD, BIM, or PDF).

  • Preparing Shop Drawings from conceptual designs.

Architectural Design

  While the bulk of our experience is Residential Design, we can also provide Commercial Design and Tenant Finishes.  Our process takes into account:

  • Projects of all sizes from Remodels to New Builds, from Schematic to Construction.

  • Using BIM Software to provide all the information from 2D to 3D Format and Renderings to Take-offs.

  • We provide many facets of design such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Energy, and Site Design.

  • Cohesive Design Project Management to outline the path for every step of the process.

Berghoff - Arch Permit Set - Permit Rev1 - Int Update Rev1_edited.jpg
Berghoff - Kitchen SW copy.jpg
Visualizations / Renderings

Architects tend to also consider ourselves Artists and as such we can balance the artistic and technical in our Visualizations.    

  • Real Estate or Marketing Materials for a project.

  • Conceptual Renderings and Diagrams to convey a project idea.

  • 2D and 3D Renderings of your project, in a variety of artistic styles. 

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