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Family Room Addition

585 SF Addition in Boulder, CO

Family Room Rendering

Design Narrative:

This project was a small Addition and Whole House Remodel of an existing brick residence in Boulder, Colorado.  The Project Goal was to provide an a complex and flexible program in a home that had little room for growth.  How to add an Addition that blended and worked with the existing home's style, while also giving it's own identity?

The Program comprised of a Whole House Remodel and divided the house into basically three sections.  The South Section became the Kitchen, Pantry, and Mudroom while the Middle Section became a semi-open Living and Flex Space (Family) which the family could use for Event Dining or family activities.  The North Section became an effort in plugging in more usable Bathroom Spaces with the existing bedrooms - one trick we employed was a Master Bath that duplicated as a Powder for guests which saved a lot of space!

Project Description:

Project Type: Remodel and Addition

Location: Boulder, CO

Project Size: 1565 SF + 585 Addition

Design Team

Architect: Jeremy Smith*

Interior Designer: By Others*

*while at Melton Design Build



Melton Design Build


Rendering and Drawings by Jeremy Smith



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