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Boulder Phased Remodel Project

Phased Remodel - Pri. Bath Rendering.jpg

Renderings by Others

Phased Remodel - Kitchen Rendering.jpg

Rendering by Others

Design Team

Architecture Designer: Jeremy Smith* 

Interior Designer: Renee Urbanowicz*

*while at Melton Design Build



Melton Design Build


Drawings and Visualizations by Jeremy Smith

Int. Renderings by Alexandra Betters

Professional Final Photos by Rockin' Media

Design Narrative

This project was a multi-phased Whole House Remodel of an existing Residence in Boulder, Colorado.  The biggest challenge of this project was it's location within the Floodplain, which limited the amount of work which could be accomplished per year.  In response, the project was carefully "master-planned" and broken into three construction phases.

The goal of the project was to provide an overall refresh to an existing 1970s brick-and-batten ranch house which had undergone a major addition.   


Professional Final Photos by Rockin' Media