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Modern Space Planning

Space Planning Project in Boulder, Colorado

Schematic Sketches Photo

Project Description

Project Type: Space Planning

Location: Boulder, CO

Project Size: 9,073 SF

Design Team

Architect: J Creative 

Interior Design/Project Lead: 3zero3

Project On Hold

Design Narrative:

This project was a Whole House Space Planning Project of an existing modern residence in Boulder, Colorado.  The Project Intent was to look at various design options as the Client was interested in making some updates to their forever home.

The existing residence had a large footprint with lots of potential for open spaces.  The final design explored relocated the Kitchen and removing many of the walls (and fireplace) separating the living spaces.  The Upper Level was originally comprised of a balanced four Bedrooms with two (connected) Baths.  The Remodel Design combined two of the bedrooms into one Large Suite, followed by a conversion of the other two bedrooms.

An additional feature of the project was to replace all of the existing window and door units.  Ultimately the project was placed on hold.


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