Tiny House Project

Tiny House - Rendering Set B1.jpg

Design Narrative

This was a speculative project that Jeremy had completed for a personalized Tiny House.​  The fun of this project were it's challenges:

1. How to coordinate the various spaces in a confined structure, while balancing separation (privacy) and a feeling of openness.

2. How to incorporate the various mechanical equipment(s) into the space while balancing usable space and storage space.

The result was this Tiny House Project!

Project Description

Project Type: New Tiny House

Location: Wherever it wants to be

Project Size: 135 SF on +18' Trailer


Design Team:

Designer: Jeremy Smith


Speculative Project (at least for now)

Main Floor Plan
Main Floor Plan

Main Floor Plan, showcasing a simple program of Kitchen, Living, Bath.

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Loft Plan
Loft Plan

Loft Floor Plan, showcasing the Bedroom Space (with hidden storage).

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