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Denver Pop-Top Addition

Denver Pop-Top Addition

Addition Project in Denver, CO

Design Narrative:

This is a Proposed Pop-Top Addition on an existing approx. 2,200 SF Bungalow located in Denver Highlands.  The Project also involved a new detached garage, pergola, patio and flatworks, and addition to the Basement.  Located in Denver, the project faced significant Zoning and Historic Hurdles.

The goal of the project was to provide a Pop-Top Addition for 2 Bedroom Suites, remodel of the Main Level to provide new Kitchen and Office, and expand the Basement to provide for 2 Bedrooms and Living Area for future ADU.  Additional features of the home include repainting the existing brick, new balconies and roof decks, and providing for outdoor living space.

Project Description:

Project Type: Pop-Top Addition and Remodel

Location: Denver, CO

Project Size: 3,550 SF (Finished)

Design Team

Architect: J Creative


Drawings, Visualizations, and Renderings by Jeremy Smith

Project On Hold



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