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Architectural Design

We utilize a straight forward Design Process, specifically tailored to get the best design to meet your goals!

Design Process


Architecture Diagram - Design Process-01

1. Programming and Schematic Design

Approximate 4-6 Weeks Timeframe*

This Phase typically begins with a [Consult] First Meeting to review Programming (outline Project Intent), followed by a Feasibility Analysis and As Built Study (if applicable).  Multiple Schematic Design Options will be explored and presented during this Phase, with the objective to select a Design Option to continue with onto the next Phase.

Typical Deliverables:

Hand Sketches, Diagrams, As Built Drawings

*Timeframe may vary based on project size and complexity


Architecture Diagram - Design Process-02

2. Design Development

Approximate 6-8 Weeks Timeframe*

Following from Schematic Design we will work to develop drawings into a more definitive project.  Materials, Elevations, Details, and fixtures are all being considered as well as preliminary mechanical and electrical plans.  This is typically the stage during which we will engage Engineers and Consultants.

Typical Deliverables:

CAD Drafted Plans, Elevations, Sections, Material Studies, Visualizations

*Timeframe may vary based on project size and complexity


Architecture Diagram - Design Process-04

3. Construction Documents and Permit

Approximate 6-12 Weeks Timeframe*

Using the framework from Design Development, the drawings now evolve into the final Construction Set and are prepared to meet Permit Requirements.  Changes in this phase are typically minimal as the project is now fully realized and detailed.  The culmination of this phase is a Permit Submittal.

Typical Deliverables:

Final Construction and Engineered Drawings, Specifications

*Timeframe may vary based on project size and complexity


Architecture Diagram - Design Process-03

4. Construction Administration

Timeframe based on Construction Schedule*

Congratulations!  Construction is underway and the combined effort between Owner and Architect is beginning to show.  This phase involves coordination with Contractor to make sure project vision is appropriately realized.

Typical Deliverables:

Revisions, Construction Observations, Reports

*Timeframe may vary based on project size and complexity

Typical Design Services

Full Architectural Drawing Package

This includes everything from Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Interior Elevations, to 3D Perspectives.

Schedules and Takeoffs

Using Revit which is the industry standard BIM Platform (Building Information Modeling) we are able to provide a plethora of information, from Schedules and Takeoffs, to Quantities and Counts.

Concept and Shop Drawings

Looking for a custom design solution for a project?  Or need a concept drawing for  a furnishing or built-in?  We can provide detailed and conceptual drawings to get your ideas built!


With an array of techniques, from 2D to 3D, we can provide the necessary drawings and renderings to help you visualize your project.  We are even able to develop VR (Virtual Reality) to digitally place you within the space!

Written Outline Specifications

We are able to provide Outline Specifications capturing the scope of project based on CSI 16 Divisions, perfect for providing to Contractors.

Construction Details

Beyond the conventional Floor Plans, we can also provide ample Construction Details to make sure your project has all the information to aid it's development.

Interior Coordination

We can provide clear and informative Interior Elevations to convey materials, accessories, dimensions, and fixtures to ensure the space is cohesively designed between the Architecture and Interiors.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

In addition to Architectural Design, we will also provide (non-engineered) Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (also known as MEP) Drawings for your project.

Energy Measures

There is no question that meeting Energy Requirements will become more challenging as energy code requirements continually advance.  We work with a variety of Consultants and Energy Raters to make sure your project remains energy conscience and current.


A complex project will require multiple Consultants to have it fully designed.  It will involve professionals ranging from Engineers, Subcontractors, Vendors, to fellow Designers. 


We will make sure this coordination effort is seamless.

Design Drawing Packages

We understand that everyone has different needs - see some of the Design Drawing Packages below which may fit yours!

Conceptual Set

For the Owner who wants to understand the possibilities.  This could evolve into a full project.


This Package would include:

  • Programming

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Space Planning

  • Schematic Level Drawings

Pricing Set

For the Owner who wants to know the cost of what they want.  Typically provided to the Contractor for Estimating.

This Package would include:

  • Design Development Level Drawings

  • Written Scope

  • Preliminary Engineering

  • Preliminary Electrical and Mechanical Systems

Permit Set

The ultimate package for having a project executed.

This Package would include:

  • Full Construction Set

  • Written Specifications

  • Final Engineering

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Permit Documents

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