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Whether you are an Owner or Contractor, we'd love to meet with you!

Browse our various Consulting Options below (and hey, if you need something unique, we can talk about that too!)

Consulting Options

Have a project in mind but unclear what is possible?  We can provide a Feasibility Analysis to help you understand the following:​

  • Identify what will be required by your location's Building Department.

  • Determine the allowable project based on the Zoning and Planning Requirements.

Feasibility Analysis

Are you a Contractor in need of some Architectural and Interior Design Support?  We'd love to help!  Some ways we can assist Contractors:

  • Prepare Code Analysis for a Permit Submittal

  • Provide Design Review on various topics

  • Prepare Take-offs and/or Schedules

  • Assist with Product and Finish Selections

Contractor Support
Design Consultations

Perhaps you have some initial thoughts on Design and would like to discuss them with an Architect and/or Interior Designer?  Ideas could include:

  • Initial Space Planning Strategies

  • Code Requirements and Restrictions

  • Detail or specific Design questions

  • Explanation of Design Process

  • Where to Start a Project?


If desired, we can set up the Consultation with a fellow Interior Designer.

What Comes Next?

See our Project Inquiry Form below, or feel free to send us an email.  Once we get your information, we can determine next steps and set up a Consultation!

If required, we can set up the Consultation with a fellow Interior Designer.

Project Inquiry Form

Commercial Project
Residential Project
Type of Design
Type of Services

Will be in touch soon!

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