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With over twelve years experience using Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, and other softwares we can have tools to provide the Documentation you need!

As Builts

Do you have a property but no existing drawings?  Or need to convert some old blueprints to a digital file?


We can Site Measure and provide an As Built Study for your property with all the information you need, whether it's to start a design or permit, or even just for record.  


Using Revit we can provide ample data for your project, from Solar Modeling to Phasing Diagrams. 


In addition, we can provide a Revit Model for your project upon completion so you have a digital record of your project.  

Drafting or Modeling

Using the tools at our disposal we can provide Drafting or Modeling services for you. 


Whether it's to prepare Shop Drawings or to model your house using the latest BIM (Building Information Modeling) software we can provide what you need!

Documentation Services
Documentation Examples
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